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Sheet metal

Sheets find their application in the industrial production of machines, machinery, automotive industry, various constructions ... precisely because of the wide application of sheets FABEMA METALI in its warehouse offers sheets of different thicknesses, formats and qualities to meet the requirements of its customers. We offer sheets of cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, ribbed and teardrop sheets. We also offer sheets in S355 quality!

Pipes and pipe profiles

Quality and large selection of pipes, steel pipes of various shapes, dimensions, types and purposes. We offer pipes and pipe profiles in black, galvanized and aluminum versions. In the offer of pipes we single out: square pipes, rectangular pipes, seamless pipes, black welded pipes (hydro-tested), seams (construction) pipes, galvanized pipes. We also offer pipes in S355 quality! Pipes are divided into two basic groups: seamless pipes and welded pipes. Seamless pipes are also known as "gas pipes". Seamless pipes are produced due to different pressures of media with 3 types of thickness, or at larger diameters with 2 different wall thicknesses. Seamless pipes are produced in such a way that a mandrel is passed through the pipe and the pipes are shaped to the desired dimension. Seamless pipes can withstand higher loads, have better mechanical properties and a high degree of safety. The process of making welded pipes consists of passing a steel strip (cold or hot rolled) through a system of rollers on the production line, welding the edges, and final shaping of the pipe to the desired dimension. Black welded pipes hydrotreated up to 50 bar. Black welded pipes are used in the production of metal accessories, locksmith production, automotive industry, light steel structures, agricultural industry, scaffolding, etc. Black welded pipes have a high degree of safety and can withstand higher loads.

Iron profiles

High-quality and large selection of iron profiles: angle, flat and square steels in our warehouse.


Steel girders are the foundation and base product for load-bearing steel structures in the construction of most buildings and halls for various purposes. That is why FABEMA METALI offers brackets of various sizes, shapes and qualities in its warehouse to meet the requirements of its customers. We offer HEA, HEB, HEM, INP, IPE, LPG, UPE girders. We also offer girders in S355 quality!


We offer various types of aluminum products (aluminum sheets, aluminum pipes, aluminum angles, aluminum T profiles, aluminum U profiles, aluminum L profiles, flat aluminum) that are solid, resistant to mechanical damage and completely resistant to rust, beautiful and functional design needed for various types of aluminum constructions.

Forged pipes and forged elements

In our warehouse you can find a large selection of forged profiles (pipes and steel), decorative elements and parts for installation on various types of household fences. With goods available for immediate delivery, we offer you the option of ordering.

Screw goods, tools and accessories

In our sales range we offer a quality and wide selection of screw goods, hand and power tools, cutting, grinding wheels and protective accessories.

Paints and varnishes

In our warehouse you can find a quality and wide selection of primers, quick-drying varnishes, finishes, high-temperature sprays and nitro thinners.


We offer different sizes of locks, handles, wheels for sliding fences, rollers, tensioners, wires, floor grilles and much more.


Quality and large selection of steel bars: rolled, ribbed, light-drawn, light-drawn for machine Č.3990 and light-drawn OK (hexagonal) of different dimensions and quality.


Quality and large selection of wire: annealed wire, galvanized wire, barbed wire, PVC wire, light wire. Look for the wire in our warehouse.

*We are able to cut products from stock for transport needs, but for the needs of projects we can offer and supply goods cut to size with tolerances up to + - / 2mm. Goods are subject to intermediate sales.

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